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Own Brand

Care & Protection Kits

Do you have a brand you would like to build on?

McKLords Total Care & Protection

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Why choose McKLords Total Care & Protection?

McKLords have been providing own brand Total Care & Protection kits and cleaning solutions for over thirty years. We provide a one stop solution from the initial concept, creation of bespoke own label design, through to product manufacture and delivery. McKLords can also design and produce bespoke packaging, point of sale and display units.

The benefits for you and your customer are many:

  • Added value to your product sold

  • Inclusion in warranty packages or warranty purchase incentive

  • Sold as aftercare products

  • Used by engineer and service teams. Can be sold direct to customer during visits.

  • Increased customer retention and brand loyalty

  • Maintains product performance and longevity


“Total Care & Protection” kits and cleaning products offer a complete aftercare solution for your customer’s furniture and household goods.

Specifically tailored to your requirements, Total Care & Protection can be incorporated into extended warranty packages, used as sales incentives, promoted by service teams and utilised as a standalone product offer in store.

McKLords Total Care & Protection kits and cleaning products provide professional cleaning, repair and care for household appliances, furniture, wood, leather, fabric, carpet, glass, laminate flooring and surfaces.

Areas covered by McKLords Total  Care & Protection

Bespoke Formulation Total Care & Protection as own brand chemical specialists we can formulate and design products to your requirements. Contact us to find out more.

Household appliances






Laminate Flooring

Household surfaces (worktops and hard stone surfaces)


Motor vehicle


Furniture Care Kit.png

Areas covered:

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